Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emum Sdn Bhd is one of the leading rice wholesalers in the country today. Solely focused on the rice business, the company's main activity involves the processing, packaging, marketing and distribution of rice.
Versed in the distribution of leading branded and graded packaged rice in west Malaysia (mainly in Kedah,Selangor,Negeri Sembilan,Melaka and Johore) for the last twenty years , EMUM 55's consumers have always held regard for its quality and pricing.

Our Vision -
To be a major quality & healthy rice distributor in Peninsular Malaysia .

Our Mission -
Committed to providing its customers the highest level of quality and healthy rice by using state-of-the-art rice processing equipments and technology.

The Rice GrainRice is a member of the grass family and is related to other grass plants such as wheat, oats and barley which produce grain for food. These are known as cereals. Rice is an annual plant, which means it completes its entire life cycle within a year. Rice plants start their life as tiny rice grains sown in irrigated fields, and grow to become green, grassy plants about one meter tall. Each plant contains many heads full of tiny rice grains which turn golden when the rice plant is ready to harvest.Source:The Workbook Series - Rice Book, Kondinin Group 2000Ricegrowers Limited - Sunrice


Rice millingRice is harvested from rice plant in form of seed called paddy, consisting of husk, bran, germ and starch. This starch part is what we consume as rice.To get from paddy to rice needed to pass through several steps:


Rough Rice

Also known as paddy rice, the rough rice kernels are still encased in an inedible, protective hull, which must be removed.

Rice Hulls

The outer covering or husk layer that encloses the rice kernel. The hulls can be recycled and used in electrical co-generation.

Brown Rice

Paddy that has undergone husking process or the husk has been removed. Husk is the outermost covering of the rice grain that provides protection to the rice caryopsis composed of lemma and palea.

Rice Bran

The outer layer on brown rice and an excellent source of thiamin, niacin, vitamin B-6, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

Milled White Rice

Rice obtained after milling the husked rice which includes removing all or part of the bran and germ from the husked rice. Average length full size kernel shall not be less than 6.50mm, with a length/width ratio not less than 3.0.

Large Broken Rice

Fragment of kernel, the length of which is less than three-quarters but greater than one-half of the average length of the corresponding whole kernel.

Small Broken Rice

Fragment of kernel, the length of which is less than or equal to one-quarter of the average length of the corresponding whole kernel but which does not pass through a metal sieve with round perforations 1.4 mm in diameter.

Rice Flour

Produced by milling broken or milled rice. Finely ground rice flour is widely used in infant foods and in noodles. It is not used in bread because it lacks the necessary gluten-forming protein.